Universal Disinfectants

GeoSIL is a powerful eco-friendly commercial strength sanitiser designed to be effective against a wide range of water borne and surface pathogens and bacteria.

It is manufactured in New Zealand to provide a modern alternative from traditional sanitisers that is both highly effective, and without the undesirable side effects of less environmentally friendly chemicals.

It is manufactured using only food grade ingredients, and in use breaks down into only water & oxygen. It does not leave detectable residues on products, treated surfaces, or in water, and is approved for use in organically certified premises.

GeoSIL is safe to use in food preparation areas, around food, and in the vicinity of people & animals.

GeoSIL is:

  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, amoebae, fungi and algae.
  • More effective and longer lasting than Chlorine or Bromine.
  • Stable and long lasting.
  • Suitable for the disinfection of drinking water, food handling and processing areas, pools and spas, etc.
  • Ecologically harmless, biodegradable, and non polluting.
  • Safe and easy to handle.
  • A clear, tasteless and odourless liquid.

The universal, non-polluting and wide range of applications, means GeoSIL disinfectants are considered to be among the safest, most reliable and modern disinfection solutions, even under the most unfavourable conditions.


GeoSIL is a commercial grade anti-viral disinfectant suitable for a wide range of water borne and surface pathogens. It is totally chlorine free, and all of the ingredients of GeoSIL are approved food additives. GeoSIL is suitable for disinfection of all types of surfaces, including plastics, metal, glass, stone, china, stainless steel, etc.

Air conditioning systems & cooling towers   Animal husbandry & health
Boat & caravan water tanks   Drinking water supplies & Rainwater Tanks
Building water services (Legionella control)   Dairy Industry
Fish processing   Food & Beverage processing
Fruit & vegetable processing   Horticulture and hydroponic water supplies
General purpose disinfectant   Gymnasiums & Sports Clubs
Hospitals, first aid & emergency areas   Hospitality & tourism premises
Household disinfection   Poultry farms & factories
Medical & veterinary services   Odour control
Public & private toilet facilities   Retail premises & supermarkets
Schools, kindergartens, & rest homes   Wineries and breweries
Swimming pools, spas & saunas   Waste disposal & storage areas






GeoSIL can be applied by manual dosing, or automatically using GeoSIL Automatic Dosing equipment.

Instructions for Use

GeoSIL is applied diluted for use using clean tap water and prepared in quantities adequate for immediate to immanent usage. GeoSIL is a liquid and can usually be applied using traditional chemical application methods.

Dilution should be done in accordance with the GeoSIL dosing chart and the instructions on the container. In most applications, overdosing will not cause a problem, and often can be a benefit.

Safety precautions should be observed handling the product, and if frequent use by untrained staff is likely, consideration should be given to using GeoSIL150 or GeoSILDS.

Further Details


GeoSIL has an impressive list of European approvals for a wide variety of water treatment and food processing applications. These are available on request. While the process of obtaining additional approvals continues, GeoSIL already claims an extensive list of New Zealand approvals.

  • Visit our Approvals page for details of the current GeoSIL New Zealand & Overseas Approvals

GeoSIL is available in 5 litre, 20 litre, and 200 litre packs