Antiviral Disinfectant Spray

GeoSIL DS is a non chlorine based, environmentally friendly, general purpose anti-viral disinfectant, suitable for a wide variety of commercial and domestic uses. It is safe to handle and use, is tasteless and odourless, and will not cause skin irritations or other allergic reactions.

GeoSIL DS can be used directly as a powerful surface disinfectant, and is safe to use around food, and food contact surfaces. It can be used full strength or diluted with clean tap water as desired.

GeoSIL DS is approved by NZFSA as a sanitiser in premises operating under the Animal Products Act (All animal Products except Dairy) C41, C61 in food preparation areas for disinfection of food processing equipment, tools, work surfaces, & water treatment etc., & by the ACVM Group as an approved Agricultural Compound (Reg. No. P7819 It is AsureQuality approved as a food contact surface sanitiser in Food / beverage / dairy factories (Ref. H1475), and AsureQuality approved as an Organic Input Cleaner (Reg. No. 0035).

GeoSIL DS is also effective in case of danger of epidemic after natural disasters. Thanks to the universal, non-polluting and wide range of applications, GeoSIL® disinfectants are considered to be among the safest, most reliable and modern disinfection solutions, even under the most unfavourable conditions.

The universal, non-polluting and wide range of applications, means GeoSIL disinfectants are considered to be among the safest, most reliable and modern disinfection solutions, even under the most unfavourable conditions.


GeoSIL DS is a ready-to-use anti-viral disinfectant, suitable for application as a spray using hand held, backpack, or mechanized spray equipment. It is for a wide range of surface and airborne pathogens. It is totally chlorine free, and all of the ingredients of GeoSIL DS are approved food additives. GeoSIL DS is suitable for disinfection of all types of surfaces, including plastics, metal, glass, stone, china, stainless steel, etc.

A/C ,ventilation systems & cooling towers   Animal housings and veterinary facilities
Animal husbandry & health   Building water services (Legionella control)
Bathroom & laundry disinfection   Boats, mobile homes and caravan water tanks
Dairy Industry   Disinfection of hands, tools, sanitary installations
Drinking water supplies & Rainwater Tanks   Fish processing
Floors, walls, ceilings, drains & vehicles   Food and beverage preparation areas
Food & Beverage processing   Fruit & vegetable processing
Food preparation machines and work surfaces   Food transport containers
Food processing tools and equipment   Horticulture and hydroponic water supplies
General purpose anti viral disinfectant   Kitchen, utensils, shelves
Hospitality & tourism premises   Household disinfection
Hospitals, first aid & emergency areas   Odour control
Medical & veterinary services   Public & private toilet facilities
Organic food production   Poultry broiler farms & egg producers
Pool surrounds, changing areas, showers   Saunas and solariums
Retail premises & supermarkets   Disinfection of hands, tools, sanitary installations
Schools, kindergartens, & rest homes   Waste disposal and storage areas
Sport Clubs, Gymnasiums and gym equipment    

GeoSIL can be applied by manual dosing, or automatically using GeoSIL Automatic Dosing equipment.

Instructions for Use

GeoSIL DS is a ready-to-use surface disinfectant and can be applied undiluted, or diluted using clean tap water when low bacterial loading or long exposure times permit. It should be prepared in quantities adequate for immediate to immanent usage. GeoSIL DS is a liquid and can usually be applied using traditional chemical application methods.

Dilution should be done in accordance with the GeoSIL dosing chart and the instructions on the container. In most applications, overdosing will not cause a problem, and often can be a benefit.


GeoSIL DS is applied as a general disinfectant of surfaces & pipe system in the food & beverage industry, in hotels, restaurant kitchens, buildings, disinfection of trucks & transport containers, etc. It is suitable for application on clean surfaces made of stainless steel, wood, stone, china, concrete, synthetics, glass, etc. The best results will be obtained after a thorough cleaning operation.

Spray undiluted GeoSIL DS on the cleaned surfaces with a suitable hand or mechanical sprayer. Small surfaces can be treated with a sponge or cloth.

Dosage: depending on the surface, approx 0.1 - 0.3 litres / m2

Exposure time: 30 minutes or the time required to dry. Rinsing after use is not required.


Cleaned objects, such as parts of kitchen equipment, seals, fittings, tools, cutting boards, sponges, etc, are immersed in undiluted GeoSIL DS. The exposure time can vary between 30 minutes and up to 4 hours, depending on the quantity & type of germs present.


Cleaned pipes in vending machines, ice makers, beverage delivery pipes, pumps, filter systems, etc, can be filled with GeoSIL DS. The exposure time varies between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the condition of the system. After completion of the exposure time, the disinfectant is drained. The disinfecting solution can be re-used, provided it is not organically contaminated.

Safety precautions should be observed when handling the product. Please read the safety instructions on the container before use.

Further Details

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GeoSIL has an impressive list of European approvals for a wide variety of water treatment and food processing applications. These are available on request. While the process of obtaining additional approvals continues, GeoSIL®already claims an extensive list of New Zealand approvals.

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GeoSIL DS is available in 5 litre, 20 litre, 200 & 1000 litre packs