Dosing Equipment

The GeoSIL range of products are supplied in liquid form and in many cases are mixed and dosed manually. In commercial applications however, automatic monitoring, mixing and dosing equipment may be required to ensure operator safety, consistent dosing, and economy. Data logging, or remote control of applied doses may sometimes be a quality assurance or statutory requirement, and the provision of performance alarms sometimes justified. The following equipment range is provided to meet these requirement, and other options may be available in conjunction with your GeoSIL dealer.

Automatic Monitoring & Dosing
Fully automatic monitoring and dosing system.
Providing digital readout of GeoSIL content, remote and local alarms. Complete with sensor probes & fittings. Easily operated digital controller. Options available include data logging of performance, alarm functions, temperature compensation etc. Wall mounted on PVC panel.
Automatic Dosing
Precision digital dosing.
Electronic control allows precise dosing with innovative functions & features. Sophisticated digital menu control allows full pulse control, pulse batch control, internal timer control, 4-20mA control, level control and fieldbus communication module. Data logging of dose amounts and alarm functions may also be standard features.
Manually Controlled Dosing
Electrically powered adjustable control.
Simple peristaltic pump dosing, manually adjusted. Reliable and inexpensive, these pumps can be electrically interlocked to water supply or circulation pumps.
Automatic Metering Units
Water powered proportional doser.
Suitable where water flow rate is not constant and power supply is not available. Self priming, accurate and reliable. Various sizes to cover all dosing requirements.
Automatic Mixing Station
GeoSIL in-line venturi mixing station.
A non-electric, ready to install, in-line proportional dosing station. Interchangeable colour code jets provide easy setting of dose rate. Three position function switch allows dosing, by-pass, and self cleaning functions. May be used as a portable dosing station.
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GeoSIL Analytical Test Strips
GeoSIL analytical test strips
Allow for quick measurement of GeoSIL content. Measuring range 0 - 200 ppm (mg/l). Available in packs of 25, 50, and 100 strips