Safety Instructions &
Emergency Procedures

Safety Instructions, Storage & Neutralisation of Spills

Rail/Road: RID/ADR Class 5.1 (8), II
Sea freight: IMDG Code 1515/Ems No. 5.1.-02
Airfreight: prohibited  
UN No.: 2014  
Customs Item No.: 3808.40 90  

Refer also to product label for transport conditions

GeoSIL 150, GeoSIL DS

GeoSIL 150 and GeoSIL DS are not classified as Dangerous Goods (DG's)

The original containers must be transported in an UPRIGHT position.

Neutralisation of Spills

See Neutralisation Instructions

Storage Instructions

  • Store GeoSILDisinfectants in their original containers in a cool place. Do not return unused portions of disinfectant to the original container. To draw off the product from the original container (stored on non-inflammable surfaces only), pour out carefully or use appropriate equipment (e.g. pump made of PE or flux pump made of VA). The equipment used should be used for GeoSILDisinfectants ONLY. Check for their cleanliness every time before use.

  • The containers must be stored in an UPRIGHT position. The oxygen arising from the continuous breakdown of chemicals must be able to escape freely through the vent.

  • Use storage areas for GeoSIL Disinfectants only.

  • Keep free of combustible materials.

  • Owing to its stability, GeoSIL can be stored for at least one year at temperatures between 5° C and 25° C.

  • Have water hoses available for fire fighting and washing down any storage area.

  • Safety Warnings on labels of original containers must be observed strictly.

  • GeoSIL is not actually toxic. However, undiluted it can cause irritation and damage to skin, mucous membranes, and very especially, to the eyes.
Strong oxidant
Can cause eye damage and skin burns
Oxygen off-gassing can accelerate combustion of flammable material

  • Always wear SAFETY GOGGLES when handling GeoSIL.

  • The use of rubber gloves is also recommended (rinse with water after use).

  • If splashing in the eyes occurs, wash out IMMEDIATELY with plenty of water.

  • In case of ingestion, IMMEDIATELY and repeatedly drink plenty of lukewarm water.

  • A physician MUST be contacted immediately in both cases.

  • If possible, have eye baths and safety showers available. Ensure there is adequate ventilation (peroxide vapours).

  • Wash away any spillage immediately with plenty of water.
    After dilution, GeoSIL is harmless to the sewerage system and to ground water.

  • Have water hoses available for fire fighting and washing down any handling and storage area.

  • Vessels and equipment used should be in perfect operable condition and should be fitted with a pressure regulating device.

  • Use clean vessels and equipment of compatible materials. After use, empty and drain all utensils and equipment and wash them out with water.

  • Prevent all contamination. Do not return unused portions of GeoSIL Disinfectants to the original container, but dilute these with plenty of water and flush to drain.

  • Wash away any spillage immediately. Wash contaminated materials, especially clothes before they dry.

24 Hour Emergency Number
0800 CHEMCALL (0800 2436222)