Effectiveness & Safety

Pathogen Tests

GeoSIL has been comprehensively tested in New Zealand & overseas since it was first introduced in Europe in 1982, and shown to be effective against over 200 common pathogens, by well known international institutions.

Recently these tests have included both Avian Influenza Viruses H5N1, and Swine Flu Virus H1N1. Results of these test are available on request.
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Silver in Water

The introduction of Silver ions into GeoSIL is critical to the remarkable effectiveness of GeoSIL.

Over recent years, many unjustified and incorrect concerns have arisen about the physiological effects of silver. These concerns have been entirely misplaced, and it has been widely established that the ingestion of silver in the quantities that the prudent use of GeoSIL involves, will have no adverse physiological effects whatever.
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