Food & Beverage

GeoSIL disinfectants are safe and effective, environmentally friendly, and are ideally suited to the disinfection applications of the food and beverage industry. They are easy to use and approved in New Zealand as a permitted processing aid or food additive, and as surface disinfectants for equipment and food preparation areas. All of the ingredients of GeoSIL are food grade.

GeoSIL can be used to disinfect food processing areas and equipment and will not impart tastes, or odours, or leave undesirable chemical residues. It will not give off dangerous gases, form dangerous chemical byproducts, or require use under the special conditions that are essential for the safe use of many other commercial disinfectants.

  • No toxic residues
  • Use for filling machines, conveyors, rinsing, CIP, packaging etc
  • Long shelf and long life effectivenenss.
  • Effective over wide temperature range.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Does not need to be rinsed or neutralised after use.
  • Preserves fruit & vegetables by destroying surface bacteria.
  • Does not affest the taste or appearance of food.

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