Sanosil Q-Jet
Whole Room Surface Disinfection

What is aerosol whole room disinfection?

Aerosol disinfection is a method where a disinfectant is atomised into ultrafine droplets and blown into the air. Once they settle on the surface, these disinfectant droplets begin to have an effect.

This allows time-saving treatment of a whole room, as well as the disinfection of nooks and crannies which are otherwise difficult to access.

In particular, this method proves to be successful in human, veterinary and dental medicine (above all to fight against resistant micro-organisms such as MRSA and/or nosocomial infections), as well as in the food industry.

Dry Fogging Technology

The Sanosil Q-Jet dry fogging machines are a completely new family of automatic disinfecting devices that have been designed and built in Switzerland by Sanosil Ltd, leaders in the development of hydrogen peroxide silver disinfectants.

This versatile new range of machines are designed to allow the use of this powerful disinfection technology in a range of applications that  meet all situations.

The Sanosil Q-Jet family

Sanosil Q-JetThe Sanosil Q-Jet family consists of 3 different models of automatic aerosol disinfection devices, which can seamlessly cover all market needs with respect to professional and safe disinfection of spaces. A lightweight, compact design enables easy and simple transportation (devices fit into any car boot, and weigh a maximum of 15kg).

Depending on the model, optional attachments such as a rolling base (facilitates transportation and placement in the room), nozzle extension tube (for the disinfection of cavities, process chambers, ventilation pipes etc.), or printers for recording the disinfection operation leave nothing to be desired.

Q-Jet Compact – the small powerhouse

Sanosil Q-Jet CompactThe most compact of the three brothers is impressive due to its convenient dimensions (27 x 27 x 34cm), a weight of only 11kg and very simple operation. This makes it ideal for the disinfection of small spaces such as ambulances, treatment rooms or air conditioned rooms. Depending on the selected dosing or the micro-organism concentration present, volumes of up to 140m3 are handled. This device, with its basic functions, is versatile and unbeatable value for money.

Q-Jet Advanced – the versatile all-rounder

Sanosil Q-Jet AdvancedThe Advanced model, in comparison with the Compact, offers not only a larger solution tank (and therefore the possibility to handle larger volumes), but also a dosing pump for the disinfectant. This ensures an exact and even flow rate and allows precise dosing irrespective of the fill level of the tank - an aspect rarely considered on most of the other devices available on the market (the fuller the tank, the larger the usage).

Depending on dosing, a maximum room side of up to 600m3 can be treated. Smaller volumes and/or cavities can ideally be handled by means of the nozzle which can be rotated by 360 degrees, removed and optionally extended by a tube.

A user-friendly keypad with an LED display makes the operation simple and can be initiated via a remote control.

Q-Jet Superior – high end – professional

Sanosil Q-Jet SuperiorOur professional model, Superior, makes the heart of any hygienist beat faster. Equipped with the same technical basic characteristics as the Advanced, the Superior offers a whole range of extra functions. As such, humidity and temperature, for example, are automatically measured and the data is automatically included in the dosing calculation in the same way as a fire control computer.  The device is controlled by a colour touch screen and LAN and USB connections are provided. The automatically recorded detailed data such as room ID, duration, start/stop times, dosing, disinfectant batch etc. can therefore be either read and stored in the company-owned quality management system or printed directly by the connected printer. The control software is openly programmable and can be customised on request to the individual needs of the customer. Remote control and maintenance are also possible by SMS and/or PC.

Sanosil Q-Jet Fogger   Accessories

Accessories available for the Q-Jet range include:
Q-Jet cart, Tube & Gun (Advanced & Superior), Transport box, Q-Jet Printer





Some of the many important applications include;

Hospital theatres, wards, treatment areas

Reception and public assembly areas

First aid & emergency treatment areas

Wellness centres

Schools, daycare centres and play areas

Rest homes & retirement village amenities

Emergency treatment facilities

Veterinary services

Gymnasiums & Sports Clubs

Public & private toilet facilities

Tourism premises & facilities

Retail premises & supermarkets

Fruit & vegetable processing & storage

Wineries and breweries

Further Details

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Introduction Videos

View how the disinfection process takes place on

GeoSIL Disinfectant

Sanosil Q-Jet SuperiorGeoSIL DS and GeoSIL 150 are manufactured in New Zealand under license to Sanosil Ltd, Switzerland and are powerful surface disinfectant with a remarkable residual effect. They are based on the proven Sanosil H2O2-Ag formulation, which also makes them suited for special applications like aerosol atomisation (in combination with the Sanosil Q-Jet dry fogger or Sanosil Easy Fog).

Sanosil Q-Jet SuperiorGeoSIL 150 should be diluted 2:1 to obtain the same concentration as Sanosil S010 (5% H2O2) and contains the highest concentration of active ingredients of all ready-made GeoSIL products. It is therefore also used successfully for shock disinfection of highly polluted surfaces, e.g. in germ-infested air conditioning systems.

GeoSIL DS is used undiluted and is best suited to lightly contaminated non-critical areas, or areas disinfected on a regular basis.