Aerosol Disinfection

What is aerosol disinfection

(The effective way to disinfect)

aerosol disinfectionAerosol disinfection is a process where a disinfectant is atomized into ultrafine droplets and blown into the air. Once they settle on the surface, these disinfectant droplets quickly begin to take effect.

This allows time saving treatment of a whole room or critical spaces, as well as the disinfection of nooks and crannies that would otherwise be difficult to access during cleaning.

The method of disinfection has become a proven technology in many countries in human, veterinary and dental medicine (especially in the fight against micro-organisms such as MRSA and/or nosocomial infections) as well as in the food industry, and many others.

Whole Room Disinfection

aerosol disinfectionRoutine cleaning in medical or food processing industries are often selective of human and food contact surfaces and can result in the survival of micro-organisms in the wider environment. Whole Room Disinfection enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected in a safe reliable manner. Room fogging is proven to be the most thorough & cost effective method for treating exposed surfaces, and the use of GeoSIL disinfectants with the newly developed Dry Fogging Machines, has introduced a new and effective tool in the fight against many common infectious outbreaks.

Using ultrafine particles, the dry fogging machines supplied by GeoSIL Pacific Ltd allow highly effective disinfection of critical spaces with the minimum of disruption to the rooms.


Dry Fogging Applications

aerosol disinfectionDry fogging of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) is an enhanced cleaning protocol that is applied in conjunction with normal cleaning procedures, and is suitable for the effective treatment of a wide variety of surfaces. Examples of these are;

Medical & Health

  • Hospital theatres & wards
  • First aid & treatment rooms
  • Emergency treatment rooms
  • Isolation & critical care areas
  • Pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  • Laboratories & research
  • Dental surgeries
  • Veterinary treatment areas
  • Ambulances & Emergency vehicles
  • Police & Prison vehicles & buildings
  • Police & Prison cells

Public Spaces

  • Retirement homes & healthcare facilities Hotels, Rental accommodation.
  • Reception & public assembly areas
  • Tourist premises & facilities
  • Public & private toilet areas
  • Retail premises & Supermarkets
  • Caravans, RVs & boats
  • Schools, kindergarten & childcare centres.
  • Gymnasiums, health & sports clubs.

Food& Beverage

  • Food & Beverage preparation & storage
  • Fruit & vegetable processing & storage
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Food production & filling areas
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes.

Infection Control

Food & Beverage

During manufacture, food can be exposed to microbiological cross-contamination from surfaces and the air, which can cause food spoilage and safety issues.

Normal cleaning procedures target specific areas and while they may be sufficient to maintain day-to-day control of contamination, they will not necessarily eliminate all environmental micro-organisms and, in some instances, allow pathogens to persist in factories for several years.

In many high risk food factories, thorough disinfection of surfaces is required to reduce the numbers of micro-organisms and to prevent transmission of potential contaminants. The regular use of efficient disinfection methods can disinfect the whole area and further reduce the number of environmental micro-organisms, which could otherwise compromise the quality of the food being produced, and resulting in increased wastage and loss.

Medical Treatment, Clinical, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Areas

The ease of travel we all now enjoy ensures that communicable diseases now easily travel further & faster than ever before. Recent concerns about the spread of Bird Flu (Avian Influenza H5N1) and Swine Flu (H1N1) have been widely publicised, and continue to be of great concern.

aerosol disinfectionGeoSIL has been successfully tested against both of these viruses and proven to be completely effective. GeoSIL can provide protection by use either as a surface disinfectant spray, or as an aerial misting disinfectant.

GeoSIL has the unique advantage in that, used sensibly, it is safe to use in the presence of people, animals, plants & food. It does not need to be neutralized or rinsed after use, and treated surfaces do not have to be wiped, thereby avoiding the risk of cross infection or re-contamination. (See: Wiping Spreads Germs)

No Rinse.
  No Wipe.
    No Cross-Contamination.

Dry Fogging Machines

In an increasing number of countries now using advanced dry fogging and whole room disinfection systems, the opportunities to employ these new techniques is growing rapidly. GeoSIL is now able to offer advanced dry fogging machines for a wide range of these situations with machines designed in North America and Europe. These are able to accommodate all of the popular uses (see “Dry Fogging Applications” above)

The features and performance of these machines allow us to offer a selection that will cater to most requirements, from basic manually set machines, to programmable machines with recording and logging features and remote or programmable control.

Options allow treatment areas from small room sizes, vehicles, and areas up to 600 m3 (per machine)

System Option 1 Halosil Halo Fogger
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Sanosil Q-Jet

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