Agriculture, Horticulture & Poultry

GeoSIL is a safe, versatile disinfectant that can be used to treat incoming water supplies, process water, post-harvest treatment of fruit, vegetables and flowers, and the anti-viral disinfection of work surfaces, processing equipment and tools

Agriculture & Horticulture

GeoSIL is an ecologically friendly solution to;

  • Treatment of incoming water supplies from rainwater storage tanks, ponds, and reservoirs.
  • Disinfection of water tanks, irrigation systems
  • Control of pathogens in hydroponic nutrient system water
  • Disinfection of trays, gullies, tools, etc.
  • Disinfection of pack-houses, pack-house equipment, and coolstores
  • Post harvest washing of fruit and vegetables to control fungus, mould and disease
  • An effective and versatile general purpose disinfectant

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Why not use chlorine?

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Post Harvest

In addition to the requirements of food hygiene standards, reducing postharvest food losses is a major agricultural goal. For highly perishable commodities, such as tomatoes, squash, and peaches, as much as 30% of the harvested crop may be lost to postharvest diseases before they reach the consumer. Investments made to save food after harvest are usually less costly for the grower and the consumer and less harmful to the environment, than efforts to increase production.

GeoSIL is registered in New Zealand pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 as an Agricultural Compound for Post Harvest Fruit & Vegetable Applications (ACVM Reg. No. P7819)

Chemicals have been widely used to reduce the incidence of postharvest disease. Although effective, many of these materials have been removed from the market in recent years because of economic, environmental, or health concerns.

The environmentally attractive properties of GeoSIL are trusted world wide to provide a non-threatening solution to traditional high risk chemicals.
(IDS 14.1 Post Harvest - N A)

Organic Approved Production

GeoSIL is a versatile, chlorine free, antiviral disinfectant that is safe to use in organically certified premises as an input cleaner / disinfectant. It is the ideal solution where traditional sanitisers, such as chlorine, need to be replaced with an effective sanitiser that is ecologically friendly and acceptable to the demanding requirements of the Organic community.
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Poultry Industry

GeoSIL is a safe, versatile, antiviral disinfectant that is suitable for a number of poultry applications where traditional sanitisers fail to provide the level of hygiene required in modern process facilities. It is the ideal solution where continued use of traditional sanitisers, such as chlorine, need to be replaced because of on-going performance issues and non-compliance with health standards. The persistent use of sanitisers that permit an evolution of resistance, allow the establishment of biofilms in watering systems, and provide poor performance at pH & temperature extremes, mean that GeoSIL can offer a modern intelligent solution to prevent the replication of viruses, fungi, and mould.

Recent EU directives now limit the amount of chlorine that can be used in poultry processing to that allowed in potable water, effectively banning its use in poultry processing. The reasons behind this move are because of both taste, and the production of carcinogenic byproducts. In the United States, chlorine has become controversial as a food additive. Toxic byproducts are created by chlorine in water, and the food industry is trying to reduce the use of chlorinated water in food processing. The American Public Health Association has a policy statement calling for the use of alternatives to chlorine whenever possible. It has also been found that the high levels of chlorine required for the sterilising of carcasses can cause eye and respiratory irritation among factory workers. Lower levels that do not have this effect can compromise antimicrobial effectiveness.
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Wine Industry

GeoSIL offers a wide variety of uses in grape harvesting and wine production. It can be used to protect water supplies in the winery, disinfect wine harvesting and production machinery and equipment, and provide safe water for bottle washing that will not leave tastes or odours.

GeoSIL is safe to use, harmless to the environment, and non corrosive to the equipment. It is the ideal general purpose anti-viral disinfectant that can be used confidently around the winery. Its universal effectiveness means it can be used equally as effectively disinfecting water supplies, tanks, vats, grape handling equipment, machines, tools, and equipment. It is non corrosive, and can be applied by spraying, dipping, rinsing and fogging.
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